This New Year Calls For The Best Vodka Premix – Cosmo Cranberry

Enjoy the season with the white fox refresh ready to drink mixes.

New Flavour?
Yes! A new member has been added to the White Fox Refresh Ready To Drink family.

SOM Group is all set to add another best seller- vodka premix White Fox Refresh-Ready To Drink-Cosmo Cranberry. This drink is all set to create ablaze in the liquor market through its large scale high-end events and grass-roots tactics to target the youth. SOM Group believes, “ The campaign will build curiosity which will in return create high demand for the product.” This invention is going to create the same fire as the other two with its exceptional taste. We started the White Fox Refresh Ready To Drink with the 2 most popular flavors, Naughty Orange and Tangy Lemon which are till date top sellers amongst the youth.

When you open a can of-Orange and Lemon your senses are 1st hit with the intoxicating scent of the fruit.

We are Looking forward to the launch of our Cranberry Cosmo, a flavour that is very popular amongst the youth these days. SOM has gone ‘Out of their depth’ and launched these drinks with a lower percentage of alcohol ratio in it. This invention has given SOM a huge leap against their competitors.

About Cranberry

A fruit – flavoured alcoholic beverage with 6% alcohol , a Premium can and international flavour. White Fox Refresh Ready To Drink Cosmo Cranberry delivers a strong attitude with it’s bold and bright colour packaging.

The groups strength is to organically grow brands using a strategic and cost-effective structure. Cosmo Cranberry along with the two other flavours is priced at a mid range which is,” where the opportunity for growth lies”. The demand for such drinks is growing in India mainly due to high exposure and an urge to try any thing that is new and ON TREND.