Our Manufacturing Units

Som Group of Companies is an integrated AlcoBev player based out of Central India.The group operates a brewery, a distillery, support industries and a distribution network across the country. The group's diversification is an important factor in delivering the highest quality brands to the consumers and delivering long-term value to the stake holders.

We're passionate that, wherever possible, our ingredients have local origin and are farmed by the local people who care as much about bringing out the best from abundant natural resources as we do.

Som Group has built world class brands with consistent quality. The consumer acceptance of the brands can be gauged from the volumes sold of our key brands Hunter, Blackfort and Power cool. Which are also our millionaire brands.


With over 05 beer brands in our portfolio, we are the largest Indian single location brewery. Since 1996, when the company went public, we've taken pride in brewing beers that have become iconic and cherished brands. They are the brands that endorse regional pride and express common bonds amongst people all over the country. Being the beer of your choice is a great privilege, which is why we deliver nothing less than impeccable taste and exceptional quality. This also has been recognized by Monde Selection where our Hunter Beer has been awarded with the silver award, followed by recently earned title of “Asia’s most promising brand” in alco-bev industry, affirmed by “Consumer & Industry Research by ibrands 360”. The unrushed culture with its traditional values influences the way we make our beer. We give undivided attention to each stage of the brewing process to ensure that our beer reaches you in perfect condition.

The plant is located over 25 acres of land at Rojrachak village which is at a distance of 25 kilometers from Bhopal amidst sylvan surroundings. The plant is well equipped with Distillation, Storage and Maturation facilities. We are the first modern brewery in Central India where entire process (Brew House) is operated through a MIMIC panel & Central Control Panel Facility to monitor and control the operating temperature of fermentors, maturation, bright beer tank and yeast vessels using Programme Logic Control (PLC) system. We are one among the first breweries in India who introduced a new process concept of Unitank Technology in which both Fermentation & Maturation of Brewing is carried out in the same process tank. This process concept is totally imported from Germany and successfully implemented, the entire facility designed to have minimum or no oxygen pick up while bottling of beer in glass bottles, cans, draught beer Kegs and IMFL bottling facility. We have an annual manufacturing capacity of 12.5 Million cases and an IMFL capacity of 1.7 million cases per annum.

We are committed to protect the environment and continue to look for ways to minimize waste, increase recycling, and maximize the effective use of natural resources throughout our operations. We routinely conduct assessments of our breweries and other facilities to ensure compliance with applicable environmental regulations and best practices. Our employees are key component of these environmental and sustainability initiatives as well, so we invest in training, education, and awareness programs to support those efforts.As a company, we recycle and reuse many of our materials. We work with our distributors to collect, clean, and refill the glass bottles. All scrap lass generated from our bottling operations is sent to a glass recycler. We recycle packaging materials, including old or defective corrugated paper packaging containers, plastic shrink-wrap and plastic banding, which we send to local recycling facilities. Additionally, we also aggressively recycle our brewing by-product, our spent grain and yeast is sent to local dairy farmers for use as animal feed or soil fertilizers. We have "Green Teams" at our breweries where we focus on reducing, re-using, and recycling materials, as well as promoting environmental awareness through communications and events.

SOM Distilleries Private Limited

The company had humble beginnings, starting from a white label alcohol bottling unit in the mid 80's to a formidable integrated distillery unit now. Whether it is Rectified Spirit, ENA, Grain Spirit, Malt Spirit or industrial Alcohol and more, it all gets produced under one roof. Apart from having a bottling capacity of 7 million cases per annum, SDPL also has a current capacity of producing 120 Kilo Litres of RS/ ENA per day. Which can be expanded further to a capacity of 200 Kilo Litres, subject to environment clearance by Government of India, other statuary permissions from State Pollution Control Board and other relevant authorities. The Company has its own 3.2 MW captive power plant and also possesses a large land bank for future expansions. Making an excellent product is pivotal thought of the company. The distillery swank itself on the development of quality-driven products with a broad product line. The company moves forward with this philosophy with an emphasis on production and energy efficiency, understanding the market, and addressing competition. The company is a dominant player in the country liquor segment in the state of Madhya Pradesh as well as an established player in the branded IMFL space especially in the regularsegment.

The central location allows the company easy access to markets and raw materials from multiple sources. The manufacturing facilities are spread over a large area and well equipped with distillation, storage and maturation facilities. Modern pollution control equipment is set up which adheres to stringent pollution control norms. The company is undertaking an expansion drive wherein the plant will have a distilling capacity of 214 Kilo Litres per day. The expansion is being undertaken keeping in view the present and future requirements of the Group and also the installation of requisite effluent treatment plants to achieve the requirements of the Environmental Laws of achieving zero discharge. The ENA produced is of the best quality, with the most economic cost of production and operating costs.

Legend Distilleries Private Limited

Legend Distilleries Private Limited (LDPL) is a bottling unit based out of Bilaspur in Chhattisgarh. LDPL has an annual bottling capacity of 0.65 Million cases per annum and at the same time has a blending capacity of 0.8 Million cases per annum which makes it one of the leaders of its kind.


The company inaugurated one of the most modern plant with a state of art technology at Hassan, Karnataka, for bridging the gap between demands for lager/strong beer supply through various existing facilities of the group. SOM group is a market leader in alcoholic beverages and spirits and boasts of premium brands like Power 1000, Hunter, Legend and Genius Whisky.

This manufacturing unit is spread across the land bank of 25 acres and has a brewing capacity of 500,000 Hecto litres per annum which can be expanded to another 500,000 Hecto Litres. In case of IMFL bottling we have it has a capacity of 540,000 HLPA which again can be expanded by same quantity in phase 2. Maximum production envisaged to 6,000,000 dozens bottle/Cans, expandable to 100 lacs dozen and also including draught beer in phase 2. The packaging as well as bottling technology equipped in the plant is at par with many other international brewing/distilling/bottling units, and have all the equipment’s imported from Germany.