Responsible Drinking

We want to deliver a message of moderation so that alcohol consumption remains a pleasurable experience. SOM Group takes great care to only market our brands responsibly to adults. We support programmes, practices and policies that address issues related to the misuse of alcohol including drunk driving, underage drinking, and excessive consumption of alcohol. We encourage our consumers to make responsible decisions about drinking – or not drinking – and we expect the same from our employees.

Caring For Environment

We recognize that we are operating in a world where many natural resources that our business relies on, such as fossil fuels and water, are limited. We are committed to minimizing our environmental impact across the full range of our operations, and we are working to extend environmental standards further through our supply chain. To continuously drive improvement, we have established environmental parameters to improve upon against several key indicators by 2015. We are reaching these goals through vigorous programmes in our supply operations. We are also increasingly engaging employees across our offices through our PARTNERGREEN program. PARTNERGREEN enlists employees as environmental champions and then supports them through awards program. Our business is reliant on the sustainable growth and development of our local communities. Towards this end, the Som Group aims to contribute to local development by providing local jobs, building local talent and leadership, fostering an enterprise culture throughout our value chain, sourcing from local businesses where feasible, playing a proactive role in promoting effective policies, maintaining high governance standards and addressing local concerns through community investment programmes. Fundamental to all of this is the engagement of our partners and local stakeholders. The following are our key community investment focus areas: Water access – We are running projects that help combat water poverty by improving access to clean drinking water and sanitation. Skills – We provide training and education to help prepare participants for employment in our group throughout our local communities. For example, we run a primary school very near the factory.

Social Welfare And Activities

As a corporate, we have certain obligations toward the society and its people. As a part of social responsibility towards the betterment of society, the SOM Group set up Asha Mohan Foundation Society in the early 1995. It undertakes various welfare projects from time to time. The Society ensures that villagers and people in the neighboring areas are equipped with the basic amenities of education, health facilities, drinking water and so on. SOM School In December 1995 – Asha Mohan Foundation established a school for providing free education to children in the surrounding rural areas. Started as the SOM Prarthmik Vidyalaya (Primary Education), it has now grown over the years into SOM High School i.e., from First standard till 10th. There are over 328 students taking advantage of this golden opportunity and 9 well qualified Faculty along with Guest Faculties are contributing to the cause. Students are provided with free textbooks, stationery, uniforms and all other neccesities. The students made us proud by achieving 100% pass rate in both the primary (5th std.) and middle (8th std.) level State Board exams and also ranking fifth in the district. Temple SOMeshwara Dham Mandir was built in the year 1994 along the Raisen Road, Madhya Pradesh. Devotees from surrounding villages also go there. The temple comprises of the idols of Lord Krishna, Lord Hanuman, Goddess Durga and Lord Ganesha. All the funds collected from this temple are being utilized for running the SOM Madhyamik Vidhyalaya. Hospital Asha Mohan Hospital is one of the charitable institutions established by the SOM Group, which provides free medical, and health facilities not only to its factory workers but also to the inhabitants of the Sehatganj village and other neighbouring areas. Eye Treatment Camp Asha Mohan Hospital on the 16th July 2007 arranged a camp for providing eye treatment to the villagers completely free of charge. Over a hundred people were present on that day to take advantage of this opportunity in their proximate area where there are hardly any medical facilities available. Moreover, 17 operations were carried out by the doctors on that day. SOM Encouragement To Youth With an aim to boost up the morale of the youth SOM sponsors merit based Scholarship award in few reputed schools of Bhopal. This award in the shape of financial support to meritorious students helps them to pursue their studies more seriously. Labor Rights Awareness Camp- SDPL The Labour Day is a special occasion when people worldwide celebrate the true spirit of the working class. It’s the day when workers get together and showcase their strength which indicates how effectively they can struggle to bring in positive reforms for the working class of the society. SOM also understands the importance of this day because workers are the base of any organization, if they grow company will also flourish. On the auspicious day of 1st may at SDPL factory “LABOR RIGHTS AWARENESS CAMP” was organized. In this education programme, the main focus was on workers’ welfare, education programmes, legal rights, skill development, upgrading and making vocational training more relevant in the light of the emerging needs. In this camp, the chief guest “Chief Judicial Magistrate – Mr.R.C. Chourasiya” also shared his valuable speech with the workers to make them more aware about their rights at the workplace.