Caring For Environment

We recognize that we are operating in a world where many natural resources that our business relies on, such as fossil fuels and water, are limited. We are committed to minimizing our environmental impact across the full range of our operations, and we are working to extend environmental standards further through our supply chain. To continuously drive improvement, we have established environmental parameters to improve upon against several key indicators by 2015. We are reaching these goals through vigorous programmes in our supply operations. We are also increasingly engaging employees across our offices through our PARTNERGREEN program. PARTNERGREEN enlists employees as environmental champions and then supports them through awards program.

Our business is reliant on the sustainable growth and development of our local communities. Towards this end, the Som Group aims to contribute to local development by providing local jobs, building local talent and leadership, fostering an enterprise culture throughout our value chain, sourcing from local businesses where feasible, playing a proactive role in promoting effective policies, maintaining high governance standards and addressing local concerns through community investment programmes. Fundamental to all of this is the engagement of our partners and local stakeholders.

The following are our key community investment focus areas:

Water access - We are running projects that help combat water poverty by improving access to clean drinking water and sanitation.

Skills - We provide training and education to help prepare participants for employment in our group throughout our local communities. For example, we run a primary school very near the factory.

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