SOM Distilleries Private Limited

The company had humble beginnings, starting from a white label alcohol bottling unit in the mid 80's to a formidable integrated distillery unit now.

Whether it is Rectified Spirit, ENA, Grain Spirit, Malt Spirit or Industrial Alcohol and more, it all gets produced under one roof. Apart from having a bottling capacity of 7 million cases per annum, SDPL also has a current capacity of producing 120 KL Litres of RS/ ENA per day. Capacity of 200 KL is part of future plan, subject to environment clearance by Govt of India and other statuary permissions from State Pollution Control Board and other relevant authorities. The Company has its own 3.2 MW captive power plant and also possesses a large land bank keeping in mind its future expansion plans.

Making an excellent product is central to the company. The distillery prides itself on the development of quality-driven products with a broad product line. The company moves forward with this philosophy with an emphasis on production and energy efficiency, understanding the market, and addressing competition.

The company is a dominant player in the country liquor segment in the state of Madhya Pradesh as well as an established player in the branded IMFL space especially in the regular segment.

The central location allows the company easy access to markets and raw materials from multiple sources. The manufacturing facilities are spread over a large area and well equipped with distillation, storage and maturation facilities. Modern pollution control equipment is set up which adheres to stringent pollution control norms. There are around 150 employees which consist of a team of senior people with vast experience in alcoholic beverages industry. There is a well-developed distribution system across the country. In conclusion, a company with sound infrastructure and well-spread distribution network and strong management team.

The company is undertaking an expansion wherein the plant will have a distilling capacity of 214 KL per day. The expansion is being undertaken keeping in view the present and future requirements of the Group on the one hand and also the installation of requisite Effluent Treatment Plants to achieve the requirements of the Environmental Laws of achieving zero discharge.

The ENA produced shall be of the best quality, with the most economic cost of production and operating costs.

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