Best Indian Kraft Whisky Investment Santa Giving Away A Super Wish, Grab It Now

The big day is certainly around the corner and Christmas lists are starting to be encapsulated in the earnest for family members who keep pondering with the question- “What do you want for Christmas? ”(Well Santa is still granting wishes every day, too!) How about a taste of something that can be one of the most unique gifts?

Legend Premium Whisky is crafted with imported scotch malts, Indian malt spirits,triple filtered with the best Indian ‘Sharabti’ grain spirit to fill your baskets with something more special. So Let’s dig into one of the top whisky brands in India – Legend Premium Whisky. The pinnacle of quality SOM Group has housed a unique shaped bottle promising a great tactile feel with a premium look and stylish Mono – carton marking the beginning of new era of kraft whiskies.

The unique feature to make this Legend outshine is the ‘Sharbati’ grain spirit. Due to the geographical area Sharbati is indigenous to Sehore, Bhopal and places in Madhya Pradesh. It has been claimed to be the best quality of wheat & in found only in MP . We achieve the product with optimum quality to create our Legend Premium Whisky & the secret is the high potash content in the soil when the grain pod is ‘filling up’. The wheat being the lustrous, golden hue with 2% extra protein content than the normal 10-12% found anywhere else in INDIA. SOM being an eminent part of Madhya Pradesh takes every bit of this premium raw material & the best Indian Kraft whisky for its consumers.

Come across the history SOM has launched this whisky with an aim to attract mature audiences & is already exporting this Indian kraft whisky to a host of nations such as ; spreading to set a grip in Niger, Mozambique, Republic of Dominica, Dubai, Oman, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Australia, New Zealand, Nigeria, Angola, Congo, Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda, Norway, Sweden, UK, Haiti, Panama, Zambia, Cambodia, UAE, Germany, Finland, Kenya and US.

It tastes like Legend Premium Whisky is a masterpiece created exclusively for those who appeal the finest things in life. Its a contemporary creation of an outstanding quality made for the discerning consumers. Its is a flawless combination of smoothness and strength with no artificial flavours added in it. With a lot of research into the creation of this whisky popped up a smooth, rich in taste & lingering after taste golden brown whiskey from the kitty of SOM.So,just sip in and enjoy the smooth mellow taste with an aura of a Legend & the whisky can be easily termed as one of the best whiskies in the country.

Whisky Brands in India Ending Note Sales and distribution of Legend Whisky are growing with this all new Avatar of Legend Whisky that has enthralled every Customer with each sip. We wish you good luck if you are on wheels to ahead of the game and getting some early Christmas gift ending up with Legend Premium Whiskey. We surely want you to enjoy the winter evenings in maturation with new casks and alluring feel.

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