White Fox Refresh RTD Makes An Inspiriting Roll On

Staying in sync with consumers' evolving preferences, SOM Group recently launched Whitefox Refresh, an RTD concept in a completely new packaging design with vodka and natural extracts. This is an extension of our popular triple distilled Whitefox Vodka. Refresh RTD is winning the consumers' heart in MP with its unique taste and ease.

Whitefox is a fruit-flavoured alcoholic beverage with 6 per cent alcohol. It is available in two flavours- Tangy Lemon & Naughty Orange in 325 ml aluminium cans and glass bottles packaging which maintain the highest hygiene standards.

RTDs and high-strength premixes witnessed stronger growth rates in 2014-2015 as consumers became more familiar with the concept thus driving demand in both the off-trade and on-trade. “The young urban men and women look for convenience, consistent taste and quality and are open to experimentation. These drivers are pushing the RTD segment to be socially acceptable among the youth and are helping the RTD segment grow,”.

The packaging aesthetics of Whitefox Refresh are as par with world standards to give consumers a premium feel. The liquid of the product also relies heavily on natural flavours and gives a winning taste to young consumers who are looking to enjoy the highest standards at a great price. It's ready to serve, straight from the freezer to the hand of the consumer.

“SOM is looking to innovate the Vodka RTD landscape by launching in cans to provide a premium feel and offer more convenience at the same time. Whether it is a pub or discotheque or chilling out with friends, can is always preferred to bottles to make a style statement. The bold brightly coloured packaging is used to symbolize today's youth and energy,”.

The glass bottle of Whitefox Refresh is equally attractive, with never seen before shrink wrapped labels which settle on the curvy bottle, giving it a real premium feel. The ring pulls enhance consumer convenience. Also, a lot of emphasis is on the presentation to make it stand out on sleeves. Bright colours and unique shape of the bottle come out very well when put together with all competitor brands.

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