Blending Into The Indian Market

A rustic, well thought about, researched and consumer centric new packaging coupled with a special blend crafted with Imported Scotch Malts and Indian Malt Spirits, checked and doubled checked for a new enriching experience, that is what the all new Legend Premium Whisky is all about.

A Legend is known to be unique, a Legend is known to stand out, a Legend is known to lead, and this Legend too has all the qualities to create its own legacy, a dynamic diamond shaped bottle promising a great tactile feel and easy handling, hand in hand with an equally classy and new monocarton marks the beginning of a new whisky revolution and era.

“This all new avatar of Legend Premium Whisky has been evolved to enthrall our customers with each sip”. These are words of our CEO Mr. Deepak Arora who has personally kept a watch, monitored and guided the entire team involved in the creation of this legendary entity.

All set to take the markets of Madhya Pradesh by storm, the Legend legacy in the near future is bound to capture the soul of the whisky drinkers pan India.

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